Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is Palin courting the Latino vote?

ps -My favorite part of last night's game was the one I was most dreading - the ceremonial puck drop with Gov. Palin. Traditionally the opposing team's captains meet in center ice for the event/photo op, but in this case our captain Chris Drury had the good sense to bow out practically forcing Alaskan hero Scottie Gomez to take his place. Palin must never have seen Drury pitching the win in the Little League World Series or should would have shown some dissapointment over the switch. As it happens she, daughters Willow and Ruthie - I mean Piper (love that girl) - look like they're meeting Cary Grant. That's some state loyalty! I wish they had employed a split screen of Drury watching the proceedings. I bet his expression was more entertaining than any interview he's ever given. Speaking of interviews, Gomez gives a pretty good one today in the New York Post. It doesn't hurt that this one is written, so we don't have to look at his ever present smirk. I still have trouble embracing Gomez as a Ranger, but I like him better every time he gives more heart and less Devil. Speaking of the Devils, Gomez always shows up well against his former team, I believe to convince us he isn't here as an evil saboteur. I'm still not %100 sure of his loyalty, so he had better show me his A game tomorrow night. I want to believe in you Scottie.

pss- Your Grandma loves you.

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j said...

Someday, Dollo. Someday I will find that commercial again and the world will be right.