Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aloha Aloha!

Yes, Ted Nolan has been fired from the Isles. Maybe he didn't think DiPietro's wife was good enough for him. Wait is DiP even married? Maybe that was the problem.

Also Hollweg was shipped off to Toronto. They like to play dirty, so his tendency to charge players into the boards will be fostered rather than discouraged up there. Let's just say I won't miss him too much, but I'm not looking forward to playing against him either. I'm a little worried that there's a Rangers conspiracy against asthma sufferers and that Hollweg's buddy in weezing, Blair Betts, is next on the chopping block. With the signing of Dan Fritsche there's a serious surplus of centers and it would break my heart a little to see Betts cut loose from the team. I can't account for it, I just love him.

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j said...

"Hollweg's buddy in weezing" - You are killing me.