Friday, May 30, 2008

is it June already?

When your team isn't playing the Stanley Cup finals (and you insist on watching them anyway like I do) you have to find pleasure in the small details. I've enjoyed a bunch of moments so far, here we go:

- Detroit endears themselves even before the first puck drop when their 90-year-old announcer introduced Sid the kid as Steven Crosby for the ceremonial faceoff. I wish I could find a screengrab of Crosby's reaction because it definitely was the frosting.

-Red Wings take the first two games 7-0. While it would have been nice to be the only team to shut out the Pens in the playoffs I took a great deal of satisfaction from Detroit's complete dominance. Suck it Fleury!

- Samuelsson the dynamo! He's one of the few ex-Rangers that I still root for. Maybe because he only played for us momentarily and I cannot quite remember how or why he moved on, but I like this guy. It's sweet to see him deliver 3 solid goals, 2 even unassisted. Plus the name Samuelsson actually almost fits across his back now.

-When is this Kronwall guy a free agent? He's a wrecking ball. I think he's got a checklist of Penquins he wants to take down and he makes his way through most of their roster every game. There was a game 2 hit on Ruutu that was particularly demeaning and beautiful. I enjoyed the shit out of it. I'd like to see a replay of it over and over, except Kronwall will be wearing a blueshirt.

-NBC and the NHL giving Alex Ovechkin his proper due by awarding the Ross and Richard trophies to OV during the telecast. He was definitely the highlight of the all-star game (yeah I watched all of that shit too) and they should be parading him around whenever possible. C'mon, look at that smile. And you can tell he really wanted to curse out Mike Milbury and Bob N. for being such douches.

And if you just can't get enough here's one more interview:

I'm totally gonna soak up some more if this action (and Henrik's too I hope) from the NHL awards. Until then, let's go Red Wings.

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