Monday, May 19, 2008

Tyuts is golden!

So not only did Henrik not win the Gold medal, but he was pulled from the semifinal v Canada and the Swedes emerged empty handed from the medal rounds at the World Championships. Sucky. It was a bit brutal. But in good news on the same day the Swedes lost the bronze rubber, Henrik's twin brother Joel (sometimes pronounced Yoel for fun) scored the game winner in Dallas elimination game win against Detroit. On to game 6 in Dallas. I know the Red Wings have the better chance of demolishing (or at least beating) the Penguins in the the Stanley Cup finals, but I can't help but root for Dallas to at least play well. And if Joel has to be the hero so be it. Maybe he'll inspire Henrik to show us his best stuff next season. I'm looking for consistent excellence. I believe in you Henrik.

In another bit of fun symmetry, Russia handed Canada back it semifinal score against the Svenska team defeating the defending champs 5-4 in the gold medal final. In OT no less. Suck it Cam Ward. And good on you Tyuts. Our boy even had an assist! And from the pic below, the good sense to congratulate Nabakov at the same time as that foxy and fabulous Ovechkin. Oh wait I forgot Tyuts probably isn't as infactuated with OV as he rest of us are, angling to be near him. What a waste of proximity.

Maybe there is some better Rangers news in the offing if only Larry Brooks' report that Jags will be signed this week is true. Let's follow that up with Avery's renewing his contract. I had a little fantasy yesterday of Avery and Roger Federer becoming best friends through their mutual relationship to Anna Wintour. Maybe I just want Avery to be roaming around the US Open, but I also think Roger and he would have a brilliant effect on one another. Some trash talk would certainly liven up Wimbledon and Sean must have some choice words Roger could lay on Nadal.

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