Sunday, April 1, 2007

What makes Dancing Larry dance?

Usually it's "Strike It Up" sometime during the 3rd period with a clear win in sight, but unfortunately J and I haven't experienced the awesome sight since I think the Feb. 27th 4-0 drubbing of Montreal. We heard it clearly happening during the St. Patty's day coverage on MSG, but despite a 5-0 blowout of Philly at the Garden there's been no patented moves by the bald one when we've been in attendance. What is it Dancing Larry? A hip flexor injury? A contrary DJ? Melancholy? Well, I don't care what the reasons were, I just hope that the fates, i.e. The Rangers, the Leafs, MSG, etc., conspire to make tonight Dancing Larry's magnum opus. I want a win and I want some dancin'!

As for last night, a sloppy win, but 2 points in the bank. I concur with J that it was heartening to see Jagr take advantage of the room he was given. Sometimes I get the impression that he just has to believe he can score to light the lamp. Let's hope that carries through the rest of the week. Oh and also that the defense gathers itself together to shut down the Leafs (and also the Islanders, Canadiens and Penguins).


jane said...

OK, here's what we have to do: In the third, when we're hopefully smoking Toronto (take that, loudmouth Barney!), I announce, "The next song is going to be my song." And then they'll either play "Strike It Up," so that Dancing Larry strikes it up, or else you have to get up and dance to whatever they do play. And what will I do? Clap. Also, if anyone tells you to sit down, I will slap them.

dollie said...

Sad for me, but I don't think I have the Balls to dance. But for my team I might just be able to break it out.

jane said...

Oh! I forgot. I guess I was having too much fun. I still missed Larry, though.