Sunday, April 1, 2007

eight-point plan

Last night we sat in a hotel room in Atlantic City, watching the Philadelphia sports station and eating room service. It didn't come close to the MSG TV experience — Jim Jackson, you are no Sam Rosen. "Coatsey" can't hold a candle to the incomparable Stan Fischler (good thing we'd taped "Rangers Gamenight" to see the birthday festivities and baby pictures!) And Keith Jones? Bleh.

Anyway, I'm so grateful to the team for delivering a win (though it was far too close for comfort) and to the Caesars' kitchen for delivering a pretty great hamburger (though the night before's Morton's feast could not be matched).

I'm also grateful that Jagr was able to find a little room and do some serious scoring. Here's hoping he takes that success and gets himself on a roll. A confident #68 could be an unstoppable force.

Today, we go to MSG to cheer and panic and cheer some more, I hope, in person. We do that Tuesday from home, and then we do it again at MSG on Thursday.

And now for the begging portion of our program:

  • Please that we may be firmly in the playoffs by Thursday, and only playing for position (I'll take #6, thanks.)
  • Please that the team photo is all I've hoped it will be — and I get out of there with way more than one. (Yes, that is also important.)
  • And please that I spend a whole lot more time after Thursday at MSG over the next two months.

We've got our tickets reserved, boys. Now make us use them.

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dollie said...

The Rangers should hand out a portrait portfolio too to make up for that crap (save for our centerfold) yearbook.