Thursday, April 26, 2007

no favorite moments

Hi all, the game was so disappointing last night that I was contemplating writing a post discussing my theory that director John Hughes is possibly a pedophile, but that has little to no hockey content.

So the first period was pretty promising. No goals and penalty after penalty killed but then it all fell apart. Very painful to watch. After the first goal I thought, "It's OK, Henrik made over 20 saves until now, he'll make as many more before the next one." Well I was wrong 2x over. I did find a little relief for my bruised fanhood when we scored. A shutout may have ruined our blueshirts' psyche and confidence. As it stands I hope they come out sizzling tomorrow night. I worry a little that they'll play too passively trying to avoid bad plays and end up losing from a lack of intensity. Now that it's in print it can't happen right?

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