Thursday, April 26, 2007

i think it's gonna be a good show

I hate losing.

I really really really hate losing.

And I'm kind of out of practice at it, seeing as how we've been winning so much, so last night's game was a little devastating for me, but by this morning, I'd mostly recovered.

It's only game one. We held our own in the first and third periods.

But here's what scares me about the second period: after that goal, you could just see all the wind knocked out of their sails. They react to the goal the way I do at home, except I'M HOME, not playing a game.

Loves, I need you to get better at shaking these off right quick. You get caught sulking, you turn one goal into three. And that's not good when it's goals for the other team, dig?

Be better tomorrow. I know you can.

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