Saturday, April 28, 2007

oh no, not again

Before the game started, I thought we were going to win this one. I was super excited. I felt confident.

As the game started, I really thought we were going to win this one. We were keeping the puck and working it. We created some excellent chances. I thought we had it.

So when we didn't win, I was scared. "If we play that well and can't win, we can't win."

But this morning, all the reporters and online comments say Malik made a huge mistake, Prucha took an stupid penalty -- things we did wrong, things we can fix. This I can work with. It's not great news that every time we make a mistake they capitalize, but at least there's a solution: Stop making mistakes.

Oh, and if Ryan Miller thinks Sean Avery punched him in the face (ANOTHER BIG WHINER! -- also, how is he getting punched in the face? Dude has a FENCE over his face!) he should just wait until he gets to NY. There are thousands who really will punch him in the face, and there won't be an official there to call anything.


Kim said...

Ryan Miller has inbred eyes.

jane said...

Oh does he ever!

:el fano: said...

HA! I just laughed out loud LIKE HARD with that one! ;] .. yes.. "baby's got .. inbred eyes" ;]!!! xxxo :el fano:

ps: Henryick has more beauty in his PINKY they in all of Miller! grrrrrrrr