Thursday, March 29, 2007

Five Golden Rings!!!!!

There's only five games left and the first thing that came to mind was the Twelve days of Christmas. Will the Rangers give themselves (and J and D too of course) a big ole playoff present? I believe, I believe, I believe. So Sean Avery, the NHL's most hated player by 67%, is quoted as saying that with 10 games to go, "We need to win 9 of them." The one loss is already in the bank, so hopefully Avery can motivate our team with some of the sweetest trash talk in the league. I'm assuming that's what everyone means when they say he doesn't stop talking on and off the ice. Is his locker room dialog that different from his on-ice chatter? These are the questions I want answers to. If ya got em (or any locker room gossip), let me know - I can keep a secret.
So Saturday night J and I will be somewhere between Philly and NYC, but we most definitely will be rooting for our boys in blue super hardcore. I'm trying not to scoreboard watch, but it's been really tough not to wish utter failure on the other five teams chasing us. Maybe that's part of our job as fans though right? The Team should just be concentrating on achieving the wins, we should be wishing our enemies a great golf season. But of course I'm a little superstitious about this too. Remember when I highly enjoyed Brodeur getting pulled from a game a few weeks ago, then what happens? Henrik gets pulled in Montreal and I'm sure all the Devils and Islanders fans were squeezing a lot of enjoyment out of it. That's almost more galling than the loss. Yeah, what happens happens and let's go 5-0-0 to finish it out!

NOTE: three stars are for the month of march

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