Thursday, March 29, 2007

get a little action in

I love Colton Orr. And I realized that I never weighed in on his big knockout.

Please know that I am not an idiot who doesn't understand the difference between a fair fight where one guy got knocked out (it happens) and some Chris Simon-type vileness.

So, yeah. I think you are a delight, young Mr. Orr (of course I know you are reading this). You have been on my fantasy team since the beginning of the season, but lately you've moved up to the first line (good thing three fit on one line, eh?).

Also, thanks for the two goals. While my very particular type of fantasy team has absolutely nothing to do with points, those goals were nice to have.

1 comment:

dollie said...

Don't forget the beard, you even supported him then! That's true fan support. Also the undershirts. He wears those nice tight blue ones, and you get to see them all the time when he strips down in the penalty box. He's your kinda boy.