Thursday, June 28, 2012

So it's Spider-Man week here in NYC and thanks to the Mighty Ganesha at The Diva Review I was able to attend a couple of the events as at least a pseudo-professional. First up on Monday was the ceremonial lighting of the Empire State building with the cast and director Marc Webb. I can't believe their model building doesn't have King Kong hanging of the top of it (or a certain spandexed superhero) but overall it was worth battling some overtaxed photogs to witness the Spidey crew push the lever.  Very Metrolpolis - wait that's the wrong city!
Then Wednesday saw Peter Parker on the steps of the Museum of Natural History to present the santa looking arachnid expert with a live Chilean Rose Tarantula. Thank heaven this event was outside because I was already getting the creeps picturing myself and a bunch of rabid photogs battling for position amongst a bunch of live spiders.  No nightmare scenario at all -the press couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating and santa was so anxious that his beautiful (and big and furry) spider didn't bake in the brutal sun (that same sun that caused Andrew Garfield to strip mid-event). Andrew was so gracious and hurled himself into the group of fans observing to sign autographs and take pictures. I'm a bit bias but AG is one of the sweetest people ever and one of the finest living actors to boot. I had the privilege (the Mighty Ganesha blesses me again) of seeing The Amazing Spider-Man earlier this month and his Peter Parker is a real wonder. This is a comparison you hear all the time
and I never give it much credit, but AG reminds me of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause - watchful, uncomfortable, anguished, in love, witty. His performance is so nuanced yet naturalistic it's a bit of a shame the whole movie doesn't quite live up to it. Still I strongly urge everyone to go see The Amazing Spider-Man next week - it's filled with great moments, great performances and for the first time it looks and feels like this kid is really flying through a great big city. My city.

 It's been along time since I first read Andrew got the part and even since I haunted the NYC production and I'm thrilled the movie is finally here ready to be ingested. So eat it up!

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