Sunday, May 20, 2012

Soldiering on

I said when I first saw Chris Kreider in a Rangers sweater at the 2009 draft that he was a soldier, and he's certainly been living up to my first impression. He scored his 5th goal of the post-season and his 3rd on Brodeur yesterday. I have a ton of faith in my team, but they've been surely testing it by playing well every other game. By all measures except the scoreboard they should have lost this one too, but Henrik and the hockey gods sorted us out. Luckily we have Kreider too, that offensive spark that I've begrudged so many other winning teams in the past. I really do believe and so I hope tomorrow we can go up two games for the first time this playoffs. Let's Go Rangers!

PS. Looks like Girardi and Cally have been in a non-stop rumble. OMG, those bruises, those noses. Just another good reason to put away the Devils as quickly as possible!

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