Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Team USA takes Gold!

I've been loving the stuffing out of this year's World Juniors Under 20 tournament, especially now that my boys have taken the Gold medal. There's a lot of reasons for this but first and foremost is the NHL Network's exclusive coverage of team USA. The luxury of not only a non-Canadian feed, but one that is actually pro-USA has been a complete delight. Team USA is also a dream, captained by Rangers prospect Derek Stepan, who fearful of pulling a Sidney Crosby skated hastily away from his post-game interview to join the handshake line, very classy. I'm loving our other two draft picks in red white and blue Chris Kreider and Ryan Bourque. Kreider has been an offensive powerhouse and scored the 1st goal for team USA again tonight. He also demonstrated his dance moves in the locker room, that's right extended NHL Network coverage delivered the goods. Question: Will Kreider be rested and ready to play for Boston College in the Fenway game come friday? Answer: I don't know. Q: Do I have to tape that shit? A: Yes.
This championship game was a classic, but the type of classic that's much more fun to watch knowing the outcome. Lots of scoring back and forth - somehow US up 5-3 with about 5 minutes left in the 3rd - then like the worse kind of deja vu, Team Canada powerhouse Eberle scored two quick goals to even it just like he did New Year's Eve night. Luckily this time our guy prevailed in OT. John Carlson, future Capital, skates in 3 on 2, fakes passing so convincingly, then rips one into the net for the medal winner. The flashiest part of his play was that he didn't even eye the net when he let it go. Faked it that good - some slickass shit. Loved it. Plus hirsute D'Amato scored again. I swear this kid grows a full beard between puck drop and last buzzer every game. Unfortunately he was drafted late by the Maple Leafs, so this is probably one of the only times I can enjoy him, especially if he continues to be this good. #14 caught my eye tonight too. Mostly for his handsome face. Turns out he's Luke Walker, currently unsigned but scouted by the Rangers at Traverse City last summer. Sign this kid Sather! NHL Network described him as a "Meat Tenderizer" what more info do you need? MSG can play the Star Wars theme every time he takes the body.

It was all very exciting and you can enjoy it again tomorrow night at 6. I'll be watching the Rangers v. Dallas. Wouldn't miss Avery's first game against the team he was forced out of. Brodeur managed to shut them out tonight and I would like nothing better than keep their scoreless streak going. I hope Avery wears his Angus Young suit to the game!


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

dollie said...

Thanks! I'm guessing you're not into the Rangers. I'll keep trying to mix it up, but hockey is rarely as exciting as the World Juniors this year!