Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

So all in all a fine end to 2009, right? 5-1-2 is a very respectable record. Normally I would feel great about taking 3 of 4 points from the Canes, but given their comparative rank and our propensity to suck for long stretches - even losing a single point is troubling. Plus I'd like to win at home, and I think MSG might want to think about sending some free tickets my way this week to ensue a few raised sticks.
I noticed the Bruins nicked our stick ritual at the conclusion of this year's Winter Classic, but I'll turn a blind eye because the game was so fabulous, particularly the last hour when Boston rallied in glittering twilight. By far my favorite part of NBC's coverage was the post-game reveal of 2010's USA Olympic team. Look at baby Cally and Drury standing side by side! And I loved big kid Tim Thomas coming out at the end. It was a great touch and pretty emotional. Plus I have a sizable bitch streak, so I also enjoyed that Snotty Gomez was left off the team and that Langenbrunner's name was spelled wrong on his child representative. Poor Gomez, he's even small enough that he could have announced his own name too! I'm really looking forward to the Olympics. We've got a pretty scrappy team and I'll be rooting for them, but my allegiances will be divided. I'd love Jagr to do well with team Czech and of course the Tre Kronor will have a place in my heart as long as Henrik leads that team out. I have some faith in reserve for my Rangers this season too. They've pulled it out (a trip to the playoffs that is) 3 years running and I think they can do it again. I just hope Sather doesn't sell off any valuable assets come trade deadline. Especially those boys currently kicking ass at the World Juniors. I have a bad crush on Chris Kreider, who has been putting up some impressive numbers. Stepan and Ryan Bourque aren't bad either and I'd love team USA to win today and kick probable opponent Canada in the Gold Medal round. Do I want too much this year?

ps. I have changed my position of disdain for the Philly's dire hair situations in light of their comments during the Winter Classic. Turns out Carcillo wasn't trying to grow his own Crosby inspired Bobby Peru mustache, but was trying to honor famed former Flyer's enforcer Dave Schultz. He just doesn't possess enough testosterone to recreate Schultz' signature stache. And Hartnell when asked if his long curly locks froze during the snowy rehearsal on New Year's Eve, he replied, "No, still beautiful!" Now I'm thinking Hartnell might be a genius because that answer is golden, but also I knew every shift he was on the ice because his hideous hair was the first thing my eye went towards. Brilliant! Hear that Mr. Avery? Time to grow out that crew cut.

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