Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm too tired for this shit

I hate playing the west, especially these Yukon games where I've never even heard of half the team. Even so I settled in for the Vancouver game. The 10:07pm start allowed me to not only catch the game completely, but the pre-game as well, a mid-week luxury. And I was enjoying it, there was a lot of entertainment: tight game, lots of hits, a melee, Avery feeling a little poke from Shane O'Brien. I love that Tortorella had to give #16 the "shut up" tap when he was mouthing off to the refs. It seemed like we stole momentum with the Canucks all injured or sitting in the penalty box. Higgins finally scores then looks to the heavens with arms spread like he's trying out for the road company of Evita. Very happy for him. Then I don't know what happened. I saw Vancouver's go-ahead goal which came out of nowhere. By the time they had to change the glass behind Henrik I was ready for a cat nap like a grandma tucked in with her afghan. I swear I surfaced with 3 mins left and the score was still a workable 2-1, but maybe that was a dream because when I truly woke up we had lost miserably 4-1. I hate it. On to Edmonton. I remember from last year that they have a lot of syllables in their names. Oh and Tom Renney behind the bench, if you can see him past Pat Quinn's gerth. Luckily they scheduled it a half hour earlier because they know this old lady can't make it past 12:30 anymore. Should be fun.

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j said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I laughed like 10 different times.