Thursday, July 16, 2009

not so happy

So normally the first game of the season is something to look forward to. There may be a little nervousness, but even if your team totally fucks up they have 81 more games to right the ship. Not so this season for the New York Rangers. In another snub by Bettman and the NHL, the NYRs get the very worse opening game of the season - against the f'ing Stanley Cup winning Penguins at the Igloo. C'mon now! It's bad enough those assholes had to win the cup - they had to do it in Detroit. So Oct. 2nd will be their homecoming party, and I'm gonna have to sit through it just to see my team play. I plan to eek what enjoyment I can from it hopefully with a blowout win.
Shortly after J and I attended Casino Night in March we noticed that those players we didn't interact with soon were wearing other jerseys. In the case of Nigel Dawes and Petr Prucha it was totally unintentional. Gomez took a little longer, but no love loss there. Now the curse has passed on to those we did meet (and love) -Freddie, Colton Orr. Now, our beloved bearded Paul Mara has moved on to Montreal. I'm gonna miss him, his beard, and his effort. Also the Korpedo will be having Suntory times without us out in Phoenix (if they're still there come September). I hear Suntory tastes great with cake. Betts and Zherdev are likely next. Luckily Henrik is the only player apparently safe from the curse, and Avery had the good fortune to sign 2 days after the event.

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:el fano: said...

I am sorry for your pain! :( boooo xo xo :el fano: