Friday, July 3, 2009

leggo this uggo

Well I made the mistake of daring Sather last post and you know what he did to show me up? He signed Donald "Monster Face" Brashear. I can't stand that fucking guy, especially not in exchange of my beloved 4th line. Maybe he'll at least sport his G.I. Joe action figure beard this upcoming season so I don't have to see all of his face. Gotta work with us Brashear. Adding insult, Sather didn't even let us enjoy the absence of Snottie Gomez for a full day before dropping one of the dirtiest players in the league in our laps.I will say the Gomez deal was ideal, and I'm totally optimistic about Gaborik joining our team.
How cute is he here, drafted 3rd in 2000 to the Wild. I'm glad we got him instead of that jerkoff Heatley on the left. Who wants a guy that dicks around his team (and others) this much? I'm still a little nervous and not exactly resigned to the loss of Freddie and Colton Orr. What if Slats gives up too much on another gamble? Or buys up a lot of lower tier contracts like he did last year? What will our team look like, play like? Can Brashear be Wolf Pack bound. A girl can only hope.

One of the best things about tennis is that there is no GM, no overlord making decisions for the good or evil of his team, mostly on wing and a prayer. Ultimately it's just one player and his skills set against another's. In a Grand Slam tournament that means paring down 128 contenders to just two for the championship. Luckily for me my two favorite men are in the final of my favorite Slam, Wimbledon. So a whole lotta people, mostly Brits, were hoping for a Federer v. Andy final at Wimbledon. So was I, but I set my heart on a Roddick/Roger final from the very first serve, and they both delivered my wish today with masterful semifinals. I'm so proud, of Roger for his 7th consecutive finals appearance on grass and to Andy Roddick for playing to his full potential. I just don't know who to root for. I predict the match will resemble their first Wimbledon final in 2004. Very tight and well played, that's what I really want. May the best man win.

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