Friday, March 6, 2009

This is what my team should look like!

Oh Sean Avery, how I missed you! Even just your face, but I like all of you in red, white and blue! Welcome back #16.

Alright, so a lot has happened since I last posted, but as far as the Rangers go most of it was terrible. Shanny became a Devil for next to no money. It's a sick joke. We lost too many games to name or remember, although I will say that my Blueshirts managed points in all but one game I attended. Renney and Percy Perry Fun Handsome were fired. I'll miss those well-dressed and well-spoken men. We didn't win a single road game in February!

But there were some highlights - The Adam Graves retirement ceremony was emotional and perfectly orchestrated, Sather granted Sean Avery a second chance, and oh yeah J and I got to meet most of the team at Casino night. You can't photoshop that tipsy glow on both Henrik and myself -it actually happened! Is that my head on his shoulder? Is that taking advantage? Well if I'm gonna molest unsuspecting people it may as well be the Rangers!

Plus we won two in a row after taking it to the Isles last night. Keep it up boys!

ps. Prucha and Dawes, I'll miss you both too! Best of luck in Phoenix.

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