Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank you Rangers!

We've made a clean sweep of Tampa Bay, but this one was a little dirtier than the other 3. Plenty of hits, plenty of fights: Orr on Artyukhin, Orr on Koci, Zherdev on Stamkos!!!! I'm surprised Smith didn't have a little discussion with Voros again. The talking heads on the NHL channel said that sometimes new players (like Stamkos) have to show they cannot be bullied and it reminded me of OZ. Is the NHL like a giant prison and all the inmates/players have to show their mettle so they don't get raped? I wish Zherdev just started chewing on Stamkos. That would have been worth a game or two suspension.Oh, also Naslund scored twice in regulation and the game winner in the shootout.Zherdev mixed it up and added to his point totals and Henrik was solid yet again. Enjoy your turkey boys and lets shiv those Panthers this weekend.

ps.I forgot to mention my two favorite parts of the game. One was the uncharacteristically loud women miked in the stands. It helped that she was a Rangers fan and kept shrieking throughout the game, "Get him, Yeah that's it!" Fabulous. The second was the quick kiss Dubinsky gave Zherdev's visor after Z was totally baffled by his shootout goal. It was as if Dubi felt Nik's confusion was too precious to let pass. I'm with you Dubi.

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