Saturday, November 29, 2008

getting it done the wrong way

It may look like Dubinsky has scored, but he's really celebrating his good buddy Zherdev's tally. My man Nikolai was all over the ice last night. I cannot believe he walked away with only one point. It was a skilled little scoop play that eluded the goalie and a defenseman. I hope Z teaches the rest of the team both that move and that roofer from tight in he scored in October because everybody else has the tendency to keep pounding the puck right into the opposing goalie's pads, resulting in fuck all on the scoreboard and a very frustrated fan base.
Anyway we didn't play as soundly as the Wednesday night even though the stories were nearly identical: establish a lead, piss it away with little over a minute left, scrambly OT, win in a shootout. Even Naslund and Zherdev scored in the SO to win us the game. Henrik's saves helped a little too. Also I'd like to give a shoutout to Rozsy who's played two good games in a row and Colton Orr who single handedly made the 3rd goal possible. How did he not get an assist on that play, oh wait he did!

Now let's show the last team in the East what the number one team can really play like tomorrow afternoon.

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