Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank you Henrik!

I'm wondering if I should just start tuning into Rangers games with 10 minutes to go in the 3rd because that is where all the good action has been in recent weeks. Last night was another lackluster start followed by a rousing comeback (even if it was only one goal!) and a win in the shootout. If it wasn't for Henrik's spectacular play the Rangers would have these surmountable deficits to overcome. I would love to think we could recover from 0-5 down, but I cannot quite picture it. This comeback was especially good because Freddie scored to even it and Zherdev scored the game winner in the shootout.Plus Henrik was 3-3 in saves. Like I said, thank you Henke!

Ottawa has some nasties on their team. Luckily Chris Neil was sidelined, but our good guys in blue had to deal with that bitch Jarkko Ruutu all night.His ugly mug was all up in everyone's face, and Jarkko was such a baby he flicked the rebound of his lost shootout attempt right back at Henrik. Can't wait to see some retribution meted his was on saturday afternoon.

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