Sunday, November 16, 2008

Man Chara is huge!

I remember when even just 2 seasons ago the Boston Bruins were powerless to beat us. Not so much anymore- they're very dangerous and built pretty similarly to the Rangers. Last night we had to fight everything - bad bounces, bad miscues, worse plays, fiesty fans - to get two points. But we did and the Rangers won 3-2 in the 4th round of the shootout (thank you Drury, thank you Henke). Having missed the Pens game at the Garden a few weeks ago I was chuffed to be there for this one. After Boston's shortie in the 2nd I had a horrible sinking feeling, but the faith never waivered. I'm loving this line of Dawes, the Korpedo and Fritsche. Who wings Gomez when he's back?
We've kept the lead in the east and Henrik has a league leading 11 wins (sorry Nabokov!). Now that we've taken care of one of the hottest teams in the east, let's stay fohcoosed on one of the worst. I do not want to be Ottawa's best game of the month tomorrow. Shut those fuckers down, right Redden?

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