Friday, September 21, 2007

I don't get down on the first night

Look! Look look look! It's my gorgeous season tickets! Ohh. Aren't they lovely, made from love? (No, you can't see my barcode, section or seat. Step back you're dancing kind of close.)

Tonight is our first game. New seats. We went for the Blue plan instead of the White one — don't worry, we got our Leetch seats as well — so now we're on the other side of Henrik. But now we can watch the bench. That'll make tracking the line changes way easier. Also, more night games and fewer weekends. When you work as close to the Garden as Dollie does (and as I soon will - eeee!) the after-work games just make more sense.

Sadly, I presume we won't be as close to the bathroom or bar. Such are the sacrifices we must make.

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