Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I think he's been looking over at my bit of paper

Dollie's in Queens with Andy and Roger (not Taylor). So I am a) bored and b) going to take this opportunity to somehow fit "Flight of the Conchords" into this blog.

Thankfully, my sick mind made it easy. You see, I was on the Rangers site before, and there's an interview with Henrik Lunqvist (hitting up the training center a week early), and when I saw it, I thought, "Henrik, I love you ..." in the style of the "Sally, I Love You" song on "FoTC."

Here's what's amazing though: While Dollie and I both love Henrik (who doesn't?!) we haven't had a Bret vs. Jemaine rivalry over it. I think we can probably thank Matt Cullen for keeping it from becoming a big problem last season (it was nearly a problem the season before), so now that Matt Cullen is gone, will the elbowing begin? If so, we can only hope that it inspires this level of creative genius.

Jemaine, I love you ...

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