Monday, April 9, 2007

So I found myself inexplicably rooting for the Islanders this weekend. Was it because the story of their final week was too scripted to resist? Maybe, but then the image of Aloha Honolulu celebrating made me throw up a little, so I could hardly account for my own leanings. But then I was watching NY1 this morning and they told me this is the first time all 3 local teams have been in the playoffs since 1994, so I now know it was a subconscious urge spurred on that strange sports symmetry that often occurs. Would I mind a repeat of 1994? Not at all, in fact I'm counting on it.

Braved masses of children, strollers and stuffed elephants (the Circus was on) to pick up our playoff tickets on Friday. More than worth it. As J told you, they're beautiful. I almost don't want to rip them apart, but at least we get to keep them.

As for our series v. Atlanta, I'm ecstatic to have nailed down the 6th seed and am feeling optimistic about the matchup. I think their firepower will force our team to play D first, offence 2nd, which is our best hope to move on. Also I hope our Hossa (Marcel) scores at home during this series so that we can play the Hossa song, and his brother can be like, "What the F?"

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