Sunday, March 25, 2007

Feel a little Pöck

Hello Everybody!
Today was a very illuminating one for J and my relationship with Ranger #22 Thomas Pöck. Everytime he's spoke all season we've been like, "Why does he sound like Todd Foulsham (Beantown rock star) as opposed to Polish Tommy (go-to foreign accent guy)?" when Pöck hails from Austria? J's explanation was that even Schwarzenegger sounds like he's in The Departed once in a while. A valid theory, but today we found out it was because he spent his college years at UMass Amherst. Ahhh, that's explains it. Next we found out he's awesome when he saved the day on a wicked goal with 100 seconds left in regulation, earning himself hero accolades and a number 3 star. We knew he couldn't have such an integral (only to us) nickname (see subject heading) for nothing. Too bad he didn't score at the Garden (or our dreamworld to be more accurate) because then they could have played Next's "Too Close" as his theme song. I'm certain it could be as popular with the kids as the Hossa ditty, they just have to give it a chance. Of course some dude on some team's name is Hammy and I think they should play the "Hamster Dance" for him. It would rock arenas all over North America.
In a related note, my pre, present and post game paranoia/karma traditions have now started to include a mantra where I run down the whole roster line by line and chant "I Believe in (fill in Ranger name)". You never know who's gonna step up and make the game winning play and sometimes our players need a little personal faith thrown their way to put them over. J and I have enjoyed Pöck all season, so I'm very happy to bestowed a little extra edge to his game, now let's just hope I can extend our good karma into tomorrow's game v. the Fishsticks. I Believe in you Rangers.

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