Sunday, March 25, 2007

Aloha Honolulu

Does this dude look Hawaiian to you? Well he does and did to me when J asked me his name and I couldn't recall, so I dubbed him Aloha Honolulu. That was probably in October and we haven't called him anything else since. Turns out he's half Inuit and half Asshole. At that time I was half-heartedly rooting for the Islanders because everybody was counting them out, much the same as they were my fabulous Rangers last year. Obviously that was before the Islanders beat us 4 times consecutively in regulation and I had to hear them chant "You Can't Beat Us" in my own building. I wouldn't disrespect the Mausoleum like that, no matter how hard I'm rooting for my Blueshirts. Then of course there was Chris Simon's attack on Ryan Hollweg, which sucked but not as much as Aloha's bitch-ass followup comments. Then I heard that when he was coaching Buffalo he went after Hasek's wife! Aloha, you must have been partying too hard at the luau to hit on your star goalie's wife, geez. Now if he made a pass at Henrik, that I could understand.
So anyway I had this daydream that we would make the playoffs and the Islanders wouldn't and the headline in the papers would read "Aloha Honolulu". While we in no way smothered the Islanders playoff hopes, we did manage to snatch another point from them today with a snazzy overtime goal, putting us in 6th and extending our lead over the 8th, 9th and 10th spots by 3. Hopefully we can keep scratching out these wins. Let's hope Henrik stands as strong and tall as he has been since the new year and that our offense comes alive in these last 6 games. Good karma keep on rollin'!

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