Thursday, May 31, 2012


I think Henrik's looking to the Hockey Gods (or more likely the jumbotron) and wondering why this series ad to shake out this way. I of course was wondering as I often do, "Why do the Refs swallow the whistle when the puck is in Henrik's crease?" I never heard any of the Blueshirts reference a lack of call on the OT goal, but from my POV I saw Henke lay directly on the puck before it was scooped out to Henrique's stick for the putaway I had time to yell "Blow the whistle" twice at the TV before the series was over. Not that the one goal was the reason we lost the conference finals. I'll grant that the Devils played better than us, but it kills me to see see the final play transpire unnecessarily. It broke my heart. I was home with my mom watching the game. Se mercifully fell asleep in the 3rd period so I could focus and ultimately sob as my team took their places for the handshake line I was dreading. Monday morning she hands me the rally towel I had brought with me to hopefully cheer the Rangers to wins in games 6 & 7 and says, "Don't forget your crying towel." I guess mom wasn't fully asleep, or I woke her with my loud weeping.

 Really I owe this bad feeling all to Henrique on the Devils. If he didn't score the game 7 OT winner against Florida we could have been facing either them or the Flyers. I have a lot of hope for next season though and I firmly believe it isn't wishful thinking. This team will be mostly intact with new star Chris Kreider added to the daily mix along with a few other surprises this post-season I'm sure. Hopefully Henrik will have another injury free consistent effort and we can try to make it even further. Until then I'm rooting for Federer to sweep all the tennis tournaments this summer.

Only good thing about the Devils advancing is it makes no difference that I'll miss game 2 of the finals for Andrew Garfield's final performance as Biff. You only have 4 more opportunities to catch this tremendous production of Death of a Salesman on Broadway before it closes Saturday night. Everyone is excellent, but Andrew Garfield will break your heart. Even more spectacular is he's an even better person than he is an actor. Go see it!

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jane said...

It is crazy to me that we are the only ones complaining about the whistle. Anyway, yes to all.