Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I love the lottery

I've been waiting for something positive to write about, but things in Rangerland just keep getting worse and worse. Did I love getting beat up and just plain beat by Philly? No, but it was a whole lot better than getting shutout by the Canadiens. At least with the Flyers we got to cheer on the fights (thank you Avery!). When Gomez opened the scoring in Montreal I thought, "Please don't let this be the game winner!" And it was in an embarrassing 6-0 rout. I hate the Bell Centre. I say we forfeit the two away games next season.

Next came Pittsburg. Alright back at home where we last tallied 8 against Tampa. Beating Crosby & Co would have been such sweet salve to our bruised faith. This was the most painful type of loss. Anisimov single-handedly mounts a comeback lead (thank you Larry Brooks!) only for the PK to piss it away less than a minute later. Look at this joy - how do you not back that up? And as Henrik expertly remarked afterwards it seemed like the Pens didn't even have to work for the win. That certainly won't help Pittsburgh's sense of entitlement. Plus it was a Vs. game so all the NHL taking heads were nodding and high fiving. Urrgh. Well we'd just have to win against the bottomfeeder Hurricanes tonight, right? Not at all. We take a 5-1 drubbing. Henrik looked weak that's how bad this game was. I say forget the playoffs. Let's work on chemistry and getting our combinations working from here through April. Let's drop down to third worst and get Cam Fowler into the club.

While the Rangers have been finding new ways to lose and disappoint me, Roger Federer proves to be a safehaven of success. Roger reached his 23rd straight Grand Slam semifinal earlier this morning with a comeback win over Davydenko. I had resigned myself to the probability that Roger's remarkable streak would be broken this Slam, but then he pulled the win off. I just hope he has two more in him this week, but unlike the Rangers I have a lot more faith that he does.

That said, here's to Federer's 16th and a 3 game sweep of the West!


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andrea said...

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dollie said...

Thanks Margaret, I'm having trouble keeping up with posts this month, but I hope to get back on track in the next few weeks. Here's to the Olympics!