Sunday, May 17, 2009

He's been rockin' these specs 8 days a week!

So Sean Avery made a scheduled appearance at the NHL store on Thursday to share his significant cosmopolitan experiences with Ron Duguay and Ken Daneyko on their radio show "Ice Breakers". At first I was thinking, "I don't need to see this in person, I haven't even taken a shower!" Changed my mind after they razzed him on-air about his glasses and booked it up to the store to see 4 eyes aka #16 in person. I was glad I did even though instead of having him sign my jersey (which I didn't bring) I stood around doing a serviceable imitation of Mark David Chapman (no guns, just creepiness). I hate it when that happens. At least I got to see the bespectacled Avery and his scar up close and personal. Is it just me or is Avery looking more like Morrissey every day? Please let him grow a full on pompadeur!

So, Sean invited everybody (including my creep self) to celebrate the opening of his bar downtown the next night - the ribbon cutting to be accompanied by the sublime guitar stylings of one Henrik Lundqvist. As hard to pass up as this sounds, J and I managed to pysch ourselves out that we would be awkward wallflowers if we could even get inside the space. Plus J and I have been spoiled by Mike Viola, who not only wrote us a song, but plays it at every show (see song 5 on list to left). What are the chances Henrik would serenade us? Unfortunately not good.
Turns out some of our trepidation was ill-founded. Instead of a swanky exclusive club, it's a candy colored grilled cheese emporium! With alcohol! Who'd have thunk? Avery is putting that sweet Dallas Stars money to good use! Perhaps we can get him to invest in Sugarshockama, our long sought sugar and kitsch boutique. At the very least I'm sure we'd all be BFFs. Gotta make it happen. Love that guy, so happy we have him for 3 more years.

Here's a video of Mike Viola performing "Dollie and Jane" 4/30 at Joe's Pub. I was a bit tipsy (not artsy), so this was filmed sideways. Oops...sounds great though!


:el fano: said...

OM[f]G!!! i love EVERYTHING about this POST!!!!!!!!!! awesum-awesun[ness] .... [insert emotion-con "speechless"] ahhhh! xo xo :el fano:

dollie said...

Oh Thank you El Fano! I forgot Avery proclaimed to love dolls too! Do you think he also reads romance novels? I think he and I might be twinnies!

xoxo love you and miss you!

j said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I can say.