Wednesday, January 28, 2009

so much holding

I've been a little silent, but I definitely loved the way our Rangers played against Anaheim before the All Star Break. We were dominant - 2 PPG, one shortie (thank you Freddie) and an ENG (thank you Betts). My man Betts was the number one star in front of his pops, gotta love it. Plus we were atop our devision again, but only for 24 hours before the bitchass devils won their 5th in a row.

On to Montreal. Ok Henrik got shelled during the game, but he was so smiley and delightful throughout the festivities - that's got to count right? Any TV clip that makes me scream and rewind multiple times is good enough for me, so the All Star game gets a thumbs up from me.

But how would the Rangers fare after the break? One game in - two points pocketed. Again, good enough for me. Perhaps last night's game wasn't the crispest I've seen, but we prevailed, and that's ultimately what matters. There was scoring, terrific PK, solid goaltending. Valiquette proved yet again to be a spectacular backup. Love this guy. The best thing about seeing the Hurricanes at the Garden is that I don't have to see their faces, but I have to say these bear hugs weren't as evident either. From the photos available you'd think there was no skating only hugging. A different kind of game, but I could get to like it.

Anyway, On to Pittsburgh. Let's bury those Penquins.

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