Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tis the season

...of suck as far as the Rangers are concerned. I hope everyone's Christmas was merry despite the terrible play by our Blueshirts. I don't know what I was paying good money to watch last night, but I definitely saw a lot of scramblely play, bad passing and week shots. Drury was -3 with 1 shot on goal. That makes me sick. I hate losing to the Devils, more especially when the names Elias and Parise keep getting shoutouts over the PA at MSG. Just hate it. Almost as much as I loathe losing to the Islanders, so it had better not happen tomorrow night. I want an effort befitting our skills and our record.

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j said...

I don't know why "That makes me sick" just cracked me up, but it totally did. Thanks!