Thursday, December 4, 2008

Suck it Pittsburgh!

I hate to give the Pens a point, but much like the last matchup against them, this was more like taking a point away. Although our defense was a little spotty like usual (could we clear the puck boys?) we played this game with a lot of grit and a buttload of edge (thank you Colton Orr!). The fans roared every time Crosby hit the deck, which was blissfully often.

Zherdev broke the scoreless streak with a beautiful deflection and pretty Petr Prucha tied the game up with his first in nearly a year. Saving the good stuff is our Prucha. Hopefully he unleashes some more magic against Montreal and Carey Price tonight.

Just one complaint ultimately. I know our power play leaves a little to be desired, but when Colton Orr works his considerable ass off to force a double minor don't piss it away with a bench minor. It was inevitable that Pittsburgh was going to score 4on4 - hell they might have given up a shortie, but you've got to give that 4 mins your whole effort.

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