Monday, December 8, 2008

O Canada - you suck!

I don't want to see this now familiar image of dejected Henrik ever again. Now I realize that that's unrealistic, but could the rest of the team not expose him every night? Am I asking too much?

Despite losing 3-0 there were some enjoyable aspects to the game. First and foremost were the fabulously close seats Jane procured, right behind the bench (ok a few feet back). You could see the sparkle on the ice, the spit flying & Gardenvision was actually loud. Second, my Rangers played pretty well - good puck possession, decent passes, finished checks- just no scoring to speak of. Lastly was the vintage Garden faithful chants of "Sloppy Seconds" that rang out against Dion Phaneuf at prime moments during the game. You're welcome Sean Avery. Of course I originally thought I heard, "Crosby's pregnant!" Either way I loved it.

If we lose to Atlanta on Wednesday I'm officially throwing up.

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