Wednesday, December 17, 2008

dreams and nightmares

Great game last night. Beautiful laser by Drury for the 1st tally of the game. Unfortunately the Ducks tied it up. It looked like the Rangers were headed for another overtime session when Dawes skated in, passed around mutant defenseman Chris Pronger, and threw the puck at the net where it just tricked through the pads. Unlikely and brilliant. Zherdev added the empty net without the puck ever crossing the line when he was tripped up by you guessed it, Norris trophy winner Chris Pronger. Nik was automatically awarded the goal with the clear breakaway thwarted. Just plain awesome. Also Henrik was fabulous and back in form. Now let's take care of Los Angeles.

As an added bonus, my subconscious gave me a Christmas present last night with a dream in which Freddie was my date to a game. We were cuddling in the stands and there was a palpable feeling of fondness between us. Maybe some inappropriate PDA, but mostly just resting my head on his beautiful shoulder.

In not so great news, Mats Sundin is supposed to choose between Vancouver and New York by Thursday. Our Swedish contingent - Freddie, Henrik and Naslund tried to romance him this past weekend by taking him out. My friend Mike asked, "Where'd they take him to, IKEA?" Also in a nightmarish preview of what could be, the MSG crew cannot help show Sundin during every break but the only footage they have is him lording about in a shadowy skybox like the evil emperor. Check out the photo to the left if you forgot how ugly Sundin is.

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