Sunday, November 9, 2008

King of kings

Have I been using my hockey concentration powers for evil? Not exactly, but in focusing my energies fretting about Henrik's play and stats I think I have doomed his competition to unfortunate circumstances. First Brodeur (suck it Marty!) falls to a freak bicep tear then Nabokov who was (and unfortunately still is) beating Henrik in the wins column goes out with a knee injury. I'd watch out if I were Luongo with his 5 shutouts or Ryan Miller. I've got both my eyes on you Miller and not in your inbred cross-eyed way. Henrik may not be piling up the wins or shutouts as quickly as I'd like, but he's been our best man on the ice by far this season. This was definitely true last night when the Caps prevailed not on their admittedly excellent offensive talent but on a couple of flukey goals. C'mon Poti scored. Rangers are almost a quarter done with the season and I want Lundqvist etched on that Vezina trophy come spring. (Stanley Cup too, but first thing first.)

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