Thursday, November 13, 2008

back on track

As I've said before beating the Devils is extra pleasurable, but in the case of last night's game losing would have been devastating. The Devs are so depleted it would have been impossible to stomach Oduya as the number one star. Well, it didn't happen despite a scramby first period ending with NJ 1 goal ahead. Chico (yes, we watched the MSG + feed, yuk!) was already picking out the Rangers' coffin during the first intermission, a little prematurely because we stormed back with a 4 goal 2nd. That evasive scoring finesse materialized out of nowhere.

I don't know why we can't be this effective every game. I must give a shout out to Henrik of course who was excellent and our PK. Freddie and Blair Betts were exceptional as usual. Those 3 players have won us games and saved us from considerable embarrassment in others. I love all 3.

A lot to enjoy. Zherdev potted 2 and the celebration didn't end with a pileup. Good job boys.

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