Monday, June 23, 2008

new boys

So I watched many hours of the NHL draft this weekend, and it was an even more fruitless endeavor than usual. My central scouting report generally consists of, "Hey that kid is cute, let's pick him," but this year I couldn't even tell how foxy our picks were because apart from the first round they never showed them. Bettman's already trying to pretend the Rangers don't exist by banishing coverage of them on the NHL channel! They were not seen, not covered, hardly mentioned. Fuck off back to your PT Cruiser dealership Bettman.
Actually I did research some of these prospects and was disheartened to lose out on Kyle Beach, who went to the Blackhawks with the 11th pick. I had heard this before, but the talking heads kept taunting me by constantly describing him as a 6'3" cross between Shanahan and Avery which roughly translates into dreamboat. At least he's in the western conference and will probably get the opportunity to play next year.
Not only do we not have the new Avery, we may not have the real Avery. It's looking like he won't be donning a blueshirt next season and every report breaks my heart. Luckily I can medicate my pain this summer with MVP - He Shoots, She Scores, my new favorite show. Turns out "Who Taught You to Live Like That?" penned by the excellent Jay Ferguson of Sloan is actually the theme song. Then one of the storylines involves the very cute captain of the team trying to romance a bumbling virgin. Wait a minute, did I write this show? Admittedly MVP is a pretty poor soap opera, but not bad enough for me to stop watching. My favorite story line is the team slut/asshole who tapes his numerous sexual encounters and keeps them in his TV cabinet. Thanks to Jane's keen eye it turns out Damon has a few surprises in his tape collection including a Rico AND a Sidney!!! Very funny stuff. But Mr. Sather, you know I have it in me to enjoy MVP and a resigning of Avery, Jagr and Shanahan in the next week.

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