Wednesday, October 3, 2007

That's a bad outfit, Sean "Clark Kent" Avery

So I was gonna write a post about my top 5 favorite things in the Rangers pre-season to lead into tomorrow night's season opener, but two outta 5 were about Sean Avery anyway. So it's a lovefest. Firstly my man Avery congratulates/takes the piss out of Henrik for winning/not allowing 9 goals in 2 games. And with a smile no less. Gotta love it. Then to top it all of he's seen around fashion week and more recently in his new roster photo sporting the very fetching hornrim glasses you see above. I think he and I should start a study group, any topic of his choosing! Avery must have been checking out footage of us meeting Ewan McGregor and decided he wanted a piece of that action. Next he'll be working on a pompadour (if his hair even grows that long, who knows?). So Hanke may be trying to find his best form, but #16 has come out of the gate in peek comical and sartorial condition.

ps If Henrik is "Hankenstein," what the F does that make Malik?

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