Wednesday, October 17, 2007

At least we aren't 0 for 6!

Not too much to say about Saturday's game against Ottawa. We weren't up to the task again. Hopefully the next time we meet we will be. Of course then we fans have to sit on a loss for 5 days. Rangers meet up with Atlanta tomorrow night. In case you're Mr. Short Term Memory, we swept them out of the playoffs in the first round last year, so you would expect the Thrashers to be seeking a little revenge. But then there were rumors the Atlanta have been tanking games on purpose to oust their coach Hartley. Fine and good. I'll take a game given, not earned. But then they go and fire him today, on the eve our matchup. So no tanking, no free game. And on top of that our Hossa (the good Hossa) will sit out with a chromic groin strain, so even the simple joy of shouting "Our Hossa is better than your Hossa" will not happen. Let's hope we destroy them anyway.

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j said...

I say we yell "our Hossa is better than your Hossa" anyway.