Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Pain with 1 point gain

I can't believe that losing in overtime could be as painful as Sunday's win was heartening, but last night's loss definitely was. Very restless sleep, kept thinking, "If only Toronto lost in OT," or "What if we were awesome all the time?" I'm hoping (get ready for more paranoia) that the excessive amounts of nervous energy both J and I are expending worrying over our Rangers' playoff probability is just an extra sacrifice for finally clinching. Here's to our team and to tomorrow!

ps. Ted Nolan (aka Aloha Honolulu) is a total bitch. Also if he was a little nicer our coaching staff might clue him in as to where to buy a decent shirt and tie. Not only has he not coached in 9 years he hasn't bought any new clothes either. Aloha, just buy a Hawaiian shirt already! You barely have to button it, let alone where a nappy ass tie.

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jane said...

Ted Nolan needs to get kicked in the teeth. I may be the one to do it. I seriously can't remember the last time I was as enraged as I was that moment when he smirked as they won the shootout. I'm getting angry now thinking about it.