Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh so sAvery!

You know how it's generally thought that women's minds skip from "Hello" to marriage in the pace of a few seconds? That's a little how my mind is working with 2 games in the bag. The minute the buzzer sounded yesterday I skipped from 2 wins- to sweep- to champions. Just fantasizing though, I know there's plenty of work to be done to even take this series (Do I sound too much like Renney?). I'm just excited by the work we've already accomplished and the idea of wins at the Garden with J and myself in attendance.

Game 2 was ultimately a dream. Everyone looked much more poised and Sean Avery brought everything he had to the ice. Apart from his goal and masterful assist, my favorite moment is when he gave the booing crowd a potent "Fuck You". Shanahan was the shit as well. One goal took him from hard-working veteran to a little boy who just lost his first tooth. I wish I could smooch every scar on his beautiful head. Henrik buckled it down with the assistance of some great blocking by everyone in front, but especially Toots, Betts and Orty.

Alright boys, on to MSG. Game 1 was mostly the 1st line, Game 2 the 2nd line, can game three be dominatated by the 3rd line?

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