Monday, April 2, 2007

Garden Euphoria

I think last night was in my top three games of the year at the Garden. Tight nerve-wracking 1st period, then total dominance. It was our last regular game in our regular seats. Very fun to share such a landslide with all the familiar faces in 343. I left feeling our team could do no wrong, that I could do anything. Now hopefully the Blueshirts prove my feeling right with a win on the Island tomorrow. Their play has been spectacular almost to the point of miraculous as of late, and it's been a joy to experience so much of their play firsthand this year, including the great, the good and the disappointing. I only hope that our season with the Rangers can continue deep into the spring and that this crazy happy feeling will repeat and repeat.

ps. Avery's the shit.

pss. In the link we're the 2 dots in the top row left, right before the break in people. Yearbook baby!

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