Monday, April 16, 2007

Blueshirt Fever!

Kim's got it (Hi Kim!), El Fano's catching it (Hi El Fano!) and J and I definitely have it. We're taking our fever to site of infection tomorrow night. MSG here we come! They way I'm looking at it, I'm there to root for my team win or lose, but I'd much prefer a win. And I hope we score because I want to clap and stomp and roar out the goal song.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post thinks that Tom Renney has imbued the team with class. and I have to agree. We've been playing a classy game than may not always be elegant, but has almost always been right and often effective. Let's hope good things keep coming to those that deserve it, like our blueshirts.

ps. Check out Renney's tie. How much better is it than any of Aloha's?

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