Friday, April 13, 2007

15 wins to go!

Well, we've got at least one of two on the road which is what I wanted. Now I want game two too. My hope is that some of the shaky play was due to a little bit of nerves and that we can buckle it down to win even more handily tomorrow afternoon. I'm ecstatic that we made our lead hold. Very important. Now let's cut down the goals against (no offense Henrik!).

Everyone is using this photo to pictoralize the game last night, but with good reason because it's awesome. Our Hossa, Marcel, is the shit. The dueling expressions of his mom and dad in the audience were very amusing. Let's hope he didn't re-injure his knee on that tough hit because I love the way he's been playing this season, and as I said before I want to hear the Hossa song loud and often at the Garden next week.

Let's go Rangers!

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Kim said...

I've got Blueshirt fever. I FEEL IT!