Thursday, April 19, 2007

12 to Go!

How proud am I of our team? The Hockey Central dudes on Versus claimed that our sweep came without adversity. I will admit that we were in control for the majority of this series and we were able to prevail in every game, but there were many moments that could have tipped the other way. What if Shanny didn't score the game winning goal in Game 2? What if Toronto ignored the replay of Cullen series winning goal last night or we became too tired to rally back? Well it didn't happen because our Blueshirts were (and are) hungry and dug in to get the wins.

Hunger leads me to my next topic. Firstly, why is "Hunger Strike" my good luck Rangers song? Because it is and I take it as a good omen if it randomly comes up on my shuffle on game days. And secondly, how do I get the MSG DJ to play it at games? You have to give a good reason why the song applies to the Rangers (which still doesn't account for the DJ playing Fergie's "London Bridge" whenever Henrik stops a lethal shot). Now I love the song for many reasons, foremost being that it rocks, but also because I sing both parts (not well) and there's plenty of hard guitars for me to sing along with too. The lyrics are where I have trouble justifying it as Rangers appropriate. Do you think they'd buy that the Rangers are hungry for the Stanley Cup and they're willing to strike down their opponents?

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