Wednesday, February 28, 2007

miss me, miss me, now you've got to kiss me

Jorge, you fool! Not only did you miss me (you poor, poor thing!) but you also missed a 4-0 win.

Rangers fans, you can thank me. I wore the lucky socks and jersey, I had the traditional pre-game cup of coffee and in-game giant beer (and braved the ladies room, as one would have to after consuming that much liquid). I kept my spirits high, watched Matt Cullen's every move (that part was easy — ooh, and click that link to see him biting, just like me!) and even read the dreaded work email during the game — If I read this email, Henrik will hold his shut out.

He did. He rules. I rule. My night was magnificent.

And today at work totally sucked a butt. You can't have it all, kids. This I know for sure.

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