Monday, February 5, 2007

dressed in green, saying something obscene

Everything I know tells me you don't start an entry bragging about how good your team is doing at the start of the game. Except last Monday, when I did, it was our greatest game ever. So the Rangers are up 2-0 on the Red Wings right now. Cullen got an assist on a Shanahan goal (against Detroit — this is a big deal), and Nylander followed up about 10 seconds later with the second goal. Gorgeous. Now Cullen's in the penalty box. Oh, we just killed their power play. Lovely.

Boo. Detroit just scored.

Have I mentioned that Matt Cullen's dad made a training video? He was a hockey coach. Well, it's called "Stickhandling, On and Off the Ice." Doesn't that sound like something that we (we being me plus Dollie) said during a game (because I'm sure we have).

TV Commentator: "He's got some great stickhandling, Bob"
j and/or d: Ho ho! On and off the ice.

The game is just lousy with really lame dirty jokes, which are always funny.

So yeah, 2-1. We're on the power play. And I'm going to go away for now. But wait, there will be more. Keep us in your thoughts, won't you?

Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson are there. Liam Neeson is there a lot. How come I never see him?

Ooh, now it's 3-1.

Noooooooooooooooooo! Now it is 4-3, and we don't have 4.

They lose. I cry and cry and I die.

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